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Chakra Spinning wheel


Frances Fletcher brought her "Chakra" spinning wheel to Guild to demonstrate how it works. Her husband made the wheel and its storage box.

Foundation Certificate in Spinning

Twelve members of the Avon Guild have enrolled in studying for the AGWSD Foundation Certificate in Spinning. The Certificate is in four parts, the first two are theory and the second two are examples of ones spinning.

So far we have had two Zoom meetings with our Mentor, Carol Evans and three meetings of the group at the Spinning Wheel premises in Clevedon. We are very grateful to Sarah Harris for providing us with this lovely venue.

Some members have submitted their first draft of Module One of their portfolio and have received feed back from the mentor. The rest of us are busy typing up Module One ready for submission during January.

Module One and Two must be satisfactorly completed before they are permitted to move on to Module's Three and Four.

The Certficate takes one year to complete.

If other Guild members fancy having a go, then it is suggested they contact the Avon Guild Secretary who can supply them with he syllabus. It may be worth starting up another group when the current group are nearing completion.

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