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Several members recently attended Fibrequest at Fernhill Farm. Below are their reports of the day:

Just to let you know we had a lovely weekend at the show. Space was a bit cramped but other than than fine. Linda will let you know how she did with Joan’s bits. I met a couple of ladies who knew Joan but did not know the bad news. They of course were so sorry they were both old members.

As usual the company of other stall holders  was brilliant. We had lots of inquiries about the guild and we told them as was appropriate about our guild and Somerset. If only a few do come it should be a good haul.

Linda and I enjoyed ourselves though very tired. Ronan did a marvellous job walking about with a drop spindle and we all did our fair share of showing people how to spin and explaining things to them. I had the pleasure of explaining the workings of the wheel to a Chinese family and the husband translated to his wife (lovely to listen to) the little girl was very bilingual.

There were baby lambs I wanted to bring a black one home with me but thought the dogs (both black) might not like it. Anyway a good but very tiring and cold weekend. Can’t believe the amount of money people were spending.

Regards Sheila F.

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