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Avon Guild Committee

Chair                 Paulette Bjergfelt

Secretary            Sheila Liddle

Treasurer            Claire Cryer

Program Secr      Frances Fletcher/Paulette

Library               Jenni Wilcox

Raffle                 Kathryn Kirk

Refreshments       Linda Geary

Sales                  Norma Chandler Patterson

Website              Sheila Liddle

Committee           Helen Tripp


Avon Guild Programme 2023

14th January

Membership renewal

Member’s skills day – demos tbc


11th February

Locker hooking workshop with Paulette Bjergfelt

11th March

11.30  AGM

Workshop - weaving outside the box with Paulette and Frances


8th April

13:30 Jan Hunter, Fernhill Farm is giving a talk, about her

Imaginative Eco Farm

13th May

13:30 Talk by Sarah Harris from Spinning Weal on the

history of knitting

10th  June

11.30 Workshop - Felting a miniature teddy bear with

Linda Geary

8th July 

11.30 Workshop - Solar dyeing - Paulette Bjergfelt



No meeting


9th September

11:30 Workshop on carding and long draw spinning - CLaire Cryer


14th  October

Guild Open Day, Sales and Exhibition

(11:00 – 15:30)


12th November

13:30 Talk from Clare Hadley - a Dorset Guilder on how she makes her amazing felt hats




10th December

Christmas Party - Food, fun and games

Annual Competition - to be decided

The Avon Guild will be 50 years old in November 2025 - we are planning an exhibition.

Christmas competition entry

Pisaro market.jpg

Peru market selling dyes.


Flax NZ.jpg

Preparing New Zealand Flax (Phormium) for grass skirts and weaving, using nothing but a large seashell!

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